If the products of PERBÁLABLAK are to your liking and you contact me, I will be pleased to visit you for free consultation. After the survey I give you a no-obligation quot by e-mail, by post or I hand it over to you.

In case the quot is accepted, I contact you to have an appointment for a technical survey which is indispensable for manufacturing the products, and agreeing the exact delivery date.

If you require a window or a door, in sake of a successful survey, I would like you to pay attention to the following details:

It is essential that the person on the location should be entitled to decide on technical questions during the survey (window sashes, opening direction, type of locking, threshold).

An existing plan of the building is needed.

For daubed walls, the exact depth must be marked, as well as the exact depth of the overlay (daub). I cannot take responsibly for different measurements.

The exact depth of the overlay on the slab is needed. If the slab of the building is not made yet, I can manufacture the windows and doors according to the measurements given on the location, and I cannot take responsibility for imprecise installation.

Why choose our products?


Our windows are manufactured from selected prime quality structural sawn timber with flaws cutting. It increases stability without any warp.


We have 68 mm window frames, the window sashes are manufactured with mm/10 precision, rounded edges, perfect surface and multi-point hinge system.

Insulating Glazing

Double glazed insulating windows are made with 4mm glass (inside surface is coated), a 18 mm wide aluminium spacer supports the gap which functions as an insulating barrier resulting in k=1.4 W/m2K insulation value. Special noise reduction or energy saving glass can also be inbuilt on demand, with a value of k=1.1 W/m2K.

Water Resistance

Wide trench drainaging aluminum baffles provided.

Air Resistance

Perimetric high-flexibility silicone sealing.

Wood Paint

We treat all of our products with anti-insect and anti-fungus substances. We manufacture windows in white and colored paint or stain finishes.