My childhood memories are still decisive and made me spend a lot of time and effort re-interpreting historically accurate traditional windows, I try to fulfill a mission preserving the relics of the past while ensuring 21st century performance standards. Lots of houses are renovated nowadays with Old German, Neo-Renaissance and Classical Style windows which prevailed at the turn of the 20th century. They are hand carved by Master Wood Sculptors in the original way. We can also make interior doors, panels, shutters with woodcarving, divided lites, rosettes and insertions in all styles. The traditional technique and moulding evoke historical times, and add a more personal, more sophisticated atmosphere. Aesthetic renovation needs aesthetic windows, with a small expenditure like this, we can even change the view of the whole street.

During the manufacturing process of historic windows and doors I consider two fundamental types that determine the structure:

They can be manufactured with traditional casement frames. Both edges of the frame are boarded. Exterior and interior sashes are mounted on vertical hinges, made with gouge, without rubber strips. The insulating capacity of this kind of casement window is very low, they can be installed in old historic buildings where insulation is not demanded.

My preference is along the lines of the other solution, the 68 mm version. It can be ornamented in many different ways perfectly reproducing the old window but provided with up-to-date insulating capacity. Aware of the importance of preserving the beauty of the past, I can manufacture your windows and doors with ornamental carvings, they have been released with Rosenheim certification since April, 2010.

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